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NEGLI ULTIMI ANNI c'è stata un'esplosione di fini sul mercato. I Tekkies si sono riscaldati con Jetfin corti e tozzi con prese d'aria più veloci che hanno le loro origini negli anni '1960. Gli apneisti, paradossalmente vista la purezza dell'apnea, hanno abbracciato tecniche sempre più avanzate tecnologicamente fini of exotic space-age composites, even ditching pairs in favour of monofins – a case of less is more. So is there still a market, especially among DIVER readers, for the simple snorkelling fin?

I’m addicted to diving, but once in a while I go and sit on a beach to chill somewhere like Lanzarote, and do a bit of snorkelling. The ease of boarding a plane with hand-bagaglio only is appealing. But my first trip saw me struggling to find a pair of fini that could fit in a cabin-sized case with my laptop, camera, mask and a few clothes. None of my scuba-fins would bend enough.

Eventually I contorted a pair of cheap split-fins and stuffed them in. But on leaving the sanctuary of a rock-pool and entering acqua aperta, I also encountered current.

Non era forte, ma è stata una vera lotta farcela con le mie pinne troppo flosce, che erano perfette in piscina. Dopodiché rimasi al sicuro nella laguna.

Il design

Scubapro’s Jet Club is a full-foot fin. The size I tried (8/9) fitted easily into my proseguire bagaglio, and the light weight is well-suited for air travel and back-packing.

This composite fin blends different materials together to provide rigidity where you need it and flexibility where you don’t. The blade is fairly stiff, with a couple of inset channels designed to direct water and propulsion behind you.

Full-foot fins need to fit well or they can chafe, especially around the ankles. I mistakenly asked for a size that was very slightly too big, but after an hour I emerged unscathed. They were comfortable.


I spent a couple of very pleasant sessions snorkelling on a small pair of Mediterranean wrecks. The Jet Clubs were efficient at the surface, where a shallow flutter-kick propelled me quickly and with little effort.
Immergendosi con le anatre sul fondale a 11 metri, dove avrei potuto usare una bracciata più ampia, ho pensato che i Jet Club fossero molto buoni.

I did try the fins with scuba gear, but the drag of a cylinder means that these really are pool-fins.
But for casual snorkelling they are a definite contender.


So who will the Scubapro Jet Clubs appeal to, apart from me? Well, I know a lot of divers whose partners don’t dive. They often have to trade diving holidays against family trips. But while a beach vacanza for the kids might mean no scuba, it’s a perfect opportunity to get your children hooked on snorkelling.
Jet Clubs would be fine for youngsters, and far more convenient to pack in the strained family bagaglio than a set of scuba or freediving fins!

TESTER: Steve Warren
COLORI: Rosa, rosso, blu e giallo

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